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Pattaya Beach : Buying a Property

Buying a property in abroad is not easy, if you don't know the rules and pitfalls.

Buying a Condominium

buying condos and houses

Foreigners can buy a condominium in their own name, however not all condos can be sold to a foreigner : Only 49 % of the living space in a building can be sold to foreigner.

Currently there are many projects under construction and many offers.

Different to other countries your down - and install payments are not secured on a title deed, so you should carefully decide. So there is a risk, if the developer goes bankrupt during construction or before finishing.

Buying a second hand condo does not have that risk because on your payment you receive your title deed with your name on it.

Buying a House

Buying a house in Thailand is a little bit more difficult, because according to Thai law foreigners cannot own land in your own name.

There are different options to circumvent this law : Either you own the property in the name of a company or you decide to buy in the name of a Thai person and secure your positition with a mortgage or a lease registered on the title deed.

But there are so many questions and mistakes foreigners have done :


Where should I go and buy ?

We recommend, that you should buy only from an experienced agent with an excellent reputation. They know the property market and many of them have build up an experience over a long period.

One agency with such a good reputation since 2001 is One-Stop-Real-Estate in Soi Yamato, South Pattaya. They will be happy as well first to answer all your legal questions about buying a property in Pattaya.

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